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May 1, 2020
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Tips on how to work with an Interior Designer to find the perfect home.

Whether you are looking for a seven-figure home on the ocean or a $150k home in a local neighborhood with great schools for your kids, looking for a new home is a daunting task.  There is a lot to take into consideration such as your budget, wish list, schools, transportation, a specific neighborhood you want, rentability, etc.  You need to find a realtor who is looking out for your best interest, home inspectors, mortgage companies, and if the home needs repaired, a contractor.  But a person who could be most useful is an interior designer.  You ask why hire a designer while trying to find a house?  Well that is exactly what this week’s blog is all about.

The answer to the question is simple, an interior designer can impartially help you either see a properties potential or its non-potential.  While in the buying process a designer has nothing to gain by putting you into one property over another.  Simply put, a realtor’s job is to sell you a home and hopefully its as close to your wish list as possible.  They do not get paid until they get you to the closing table, therefore it is in the realtor’s interest to get you to that table as fast as humanly possible.  Realtors have a tough job; they work for free until you actually purchase a home.  No hourly wage, no gas reimbursement, no expense report to file for the lunch you all had together; that is tough right?  Put yourself in the Charleston, SC market and you have to add the fact that you need to make decisions quick on whether or not you want a house because houses sell quick here and it might be sold to someone else tomorrow.

Get The Flippin Designer involved from the beginning.

Seeing the potential in a property is hard and can be frustrating for a lot of people.  There are a lot of finishes in a home, some can be used for your long-term design goal and some cannot.  Sometimes a home needs more repairs than it is worth in the long run, or you may burn up a budget getting a house up to today’s standards and have nothing left over for beautification.  If you are planning on using an interior designer to help you plan a project let them help you pick out the house.  The Flippin Designer helps clients save money by helping you pick a home we know can be converted into your dream property within your budget.  Likewise, if you are building a new home, have the designer involved from the beginning.  Far too often clients bring us in after they have self-designed a home from scratch and it did not come out the way the client wanted.  A lot of times clients will end up replacing flooring, lighting, and repainting to get to the desired look where as if we would have been in from the start the client would have saved money and only bought materials one time.

At The Flippin Designer, we also help clients realize the potential of an improved floor plan.  It helps to have someone with you that has a vision for how to make the kitchen bigger or how to add a master bath.  Knowing the cost of these upgrades is also important to know when you are shopping for a home not after the fact.  An improved floor plan is an easy way to improve square footage to get your desired look.

If you are relocating to Charleston from another city it may seem impossible to buy a home that needs remodeled when you are not here.  The Flippin Designer helps our clients by supplying project management for your renovation and being your eyes and ears when you cannot be here.  We work directly for our clients not for contractor or tradesmen there by looking out for our client’s interests.  It is hard to know who to trust when you are moving and it is nice to have The Flippin Designer looking out for you when you cannot be here.  We also ensure that contractors are onsite and working, and that you do not make draw payments for work that is not finished.

Final Thoughts………..

Sometimes you get lucky and find the perfect property that needs nothing done to it.  In those cases, we are here to help you furnish the property and get you moved in.  It can save you thousands of dollars to bring your designer in from the beginning instead of at the middle or end of the property buying process.  As outlined in our 3-part blog series on planning a renovation, there are a lot of design and finish choices to make when beautifying a home.  It can be over whelming to say the least, which is why I suggest having The Flippin Designer involved with you from the beginning.  There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse so give us a call at The Flippin Designer and we will help you buy the right property and get it designed to fit you desired look.

If you are planning on relocating to Charleston, South Carolina or any of its surrounding areas including Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head and need help contact The Flippin Designer on our project inquiry tab located on our website and we will get back to your right away.  The Flippin Designer is a full service interior design company located in Charleston, SC that offers interior design, furnishings, decor, construction planning, floor planning, project management, custom furniture, kitchen and bath design, and much more.  Our design team works locally and nationally on interior design projects and construction planning.  We currently have projects in all phases in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston, Folly Beach, Kiawah Island, Sullivan’s Island, & Myrtle Beach SC, as well as New Buffalo, MI and Chicago, IL.

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