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The Flippin Designer is an interior design firm that specializes in working with customers from concept to finish. If you are planning to build or renovate in the Charleston, South Carolina area, let The Flippin Designer help you maximize your budget with quality finishes. 

Our specialty is making your home a personalized book that tells a story about you and your family.

"The Flippin Designer does not just design homes, we design dreams. We are not your typical couch and drapes design team."

- Betsy Glass

The Flippin Designer can help you with every aspect of your residential or commercial project.  See our construction planning pages to see how we can help you layout an entire project.

We help you make your house a home!

We are dedicated to creating dream homes for the greater Charleston SC Lowcountry community! Our work for you will include:

  • a personalized home layout
  • design of the interior and exterior
  • project management with contractors

Every aspect of your project matters. We carefully consider each detail, from the door hinges and hardware, to the paint colors and furnishings. It is our goal to create a unique space that reflects your family’s personality. 

Every home is different and blending design styles is our specialty. Whether you like modern, beach, eclectic, historic, traditional, bohemian or any other style The Flippin Designer can help you blend your dreams with the right design. Take a peek at some of our projects to get a feel for what is your favorite design.

We can design your space & manage your project start to finish.

For busy homeowners, we have a unique way to work with you. Our system allows us to communicate through a custom portal where you can see room boards, samples, and design ideas right in the comfort of your home. This also saves time by not having to go store shopping or sit in design studios looking through samples. 

We also offer 3D services where you can see how the space is going to look. Our 3D renderings include finishes that can actually be purchased so they are close to real as possible.

If you’re in need of an interior designer in the greater Charleston SC area, fill out our project inquiry form so we can get started working with you. We’d love to hear about your upcoming project. Click the button below to start a conversation with us about the design needs for your home, office or restaurant.

Are you building or renovating a new home or commercial space?

Let us help you pick out finishes that meet your construction deadlines.

The Flippin Designer

Here's just a sample of the spaces we can manage the design of:

  • Residential Home
  • Commercial Condominiums for Residential or Business
  • Retail Space
  • Restaurant
  • Night Club
  • Brew Pubs & Winery
  • Coffee Shop
  • Salon
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