Kitchen & Bath

The Flippin Designer takes a holistic approach to creating kitchen and bath interiors. We look at who you are, your lifestyle and needs before we create a plan for you. You may have loads of Pinterest and Architectural Digest kitchen dreams but live in a space that is worlds away – we blend those aspirations with the practicalities of reality to achieve the high end kitchen and bathroom of your dreams.

We start with a clear plan that incorporates your dreams (and the boring practical aspects) with Betsy’s artistic flair. With a solid foundation in the form of CAD drawings, TFD sources the best materials to bring the project to life.  

Creating kitchens worth cooking in

We believe in tailored design that fits your lifestyle when it comes to your kitchen. Gone are the days of standard cabinetry with a copy and paste feel. You may not be Martha Stewart but we’ll still give you a high end kitchen that even she’d be proud of. We make sure that whether you cook once a week month or everyday your kitchen is a space that speaks to you and most importantly works for you (while looking stunning naturally!). 

Bohemian Retreat

Bespoke Bathrooms

Bathrooms don’t feel like the most glamorous component of interior design but at TFD we believe that’s where the magic of great interior design can be found. By transforming what could easily be a boring part of the home into a sanctuary to escape and relax in, we make bathrooms feel as well thought-out and considered as the rest of the home.

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Kitchen Remodeling Myrtle beach

TFD’s integrated approach means that you get the space you need, with finishes that you love all tied together by Betsy’s natural flair for understanding how to make an expertly designed space feel warm and homely. What you can expect when working with TFD to create dreamy kitchen and bathroom spaces:

  • One-on-One Consultation
  • Bespoke plan including CAD drawings and renderings
  • Samples & High End products from the a range of local and international suppliers
  • Implementation and project management
Kitchen Remodeling Charleston
Kitchen and Bath Myrtle beach
Kitchen and Bath Charleston
Kitchen Remodel Myrtle beach

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality, durable and long lasting finishes. A network of suppliers allows us to match you with the best people for your project. You won’t have to go through the overwhelming experience of facing hundreds of options at a home design center. We take care of everything from cabinetry down to high end appliances – a process  that could have taken you months (not to mention the anxiety that goes along with it) now is as simple as a few weeks.

When we create luxury designer kitchens and baths, it’s all about modern personalization. Instead of designing tile layouts to fit today’s latest trends we look to the future, picking tile and layouts that will be in style 10 years from now. Our designs are innovative yet timeless from the day we put them in. At TFD we know how to cleverly create bespoke designer bathrooms and kitchens that seamlessly integrate into the rest of your stylish yet liveable interior design.

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