Project Management

For property owners who either do not live in Charleston or have very little knowledge of the construction process the Flippin designer can help manage your project.  

We get it. When you have little knowledge of the ins and outs of construction or perhaps don’t even live in the Charleston, South Carolina area where your dream home is being renovated, panic can ensue. The Flippin Designer offers far beyond the standard project management services- we act as your eyes and ears throughout the entire project. Working directly with contractors ensures no corner is cut, no installation is left unsupervised and no material is overcharged.

More often than not, clients are left in the dark when it comes to the planning process. We work directly with our clients and review all draw payments before they are made to ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck. 

From clients to vendors to contractors our 20+ years of trust and relationships guarantees our clients receive only the best.

Our Services

TFD can help you with the following

Bidding and awarding the project



Reviewing the work the contractor is preforming

Ensure your contractor is onsite daily and doing what is required to finish the project

Finishes ordering and ensuring they are being put in to the clients expectations

Draw Payment Management