Floor Plans

Well executed design starts with well thought out plans. The Flippin Designer is a full service interior design firm handling not only the creative but the technical part of the project as well. Using the latest technology we can create all the CAD drawings that you need.

Technically compliant drawings are a major aspect of an interior design project that most clients don’t know about until they have to spend a chunk of their budget on it, or have to hire an architect over and above the designer to get it done. TFD takes care of the entire process from measurements to producing the plans. You get to see the plans that show your current home and what it will look like, to make sure that you understand exactly what you have in store. The plans are critical for technical purposes but they also help you understand exactly what your design choices mean, it may sound amazing to have a peninsula in the kitchen but when you see it laid out, you get a clear idea of whether you’ll love it, before any of the work gets done.

As a multifaceted duo, Betsy and Rich have the full set of expertise to make the renovation a seamless process. Over 20 years of experience in the interior design industry means TFD has more than just technical expertise, but an inherent understanding of what goes into timeless interior design. As a client-first team there is a focus on what you need rather than extra add-ons that don’t benefit you, you will never get an upsell from us. By partnering with you, we commit to acting in your best interests and providing crystal clear plans – and once they are done they are yours. 

Creating our plans is such a simple process that it can even be done virtually. We take the measurements or you can take them yourself, then we take care of the rest. Plans that we cover include (CAD drawings and 3D renderings):

  • The boring but necessary: plumbing, electrical, timelines and more 
  • The exciting: finishes and completed product 

We take a no nonsense approach to making projects happen. That’s why when we do our plans we lay out all the options so you get to decide how and where you want to use your budget. Moving a wall to get more natural light sounds like a great idea until you see that it makes you lose space elsewhere and it is going to cost you thousands of dollars, something which you want to know before knocking it down.

More importantly, you can pick and choose the individual elements that are going to make up your interior design project but visualizing it all coming together can be incredibly difficult. That’s why realistic plans are crucial to helping you picture exactly where you will end up. Our 3D renderings use the latest technology including incorporating the finishes you’ve chosen, meaning you’ll get to see almost exactly what your home is going to look like.

Comprehensive plans save you stress and unnecessary flipping out in frustration. These plans are the foundation to the smooth execution of a project.